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A Nosh and Tell Review of Studio Square Beer Garden in Astoria

In New York, there are several things you can do on a weekend with lovely weather. You can lay around and get your tan on in Central Park, stand in line at Shake Shack for a juicy burger, walk along the Hudson, jump in the fountain at Washington Square park, or even mooch off a friend and take advantage of their roof-deck. But what happens when you’ve done all that? What do you do? Where do you go? The answer is to Astoria. To the Studio Square Beer Garden to be exact!

So the next time you have a free couple of hours and the weather is warm and sunny, jump on the NRW from Union Square and take the 40 minute subway ride to Astoria. Once you’re there, you will come across a truly magical site; you will see masses of people sitting on picnic benches, holding cups chock full of beer, swaying to the bumping music and just enjoying life.

Have you ever seen an outdoor space this big? Ever? We sure haven’t. When a friend suggested that we join them Beer Gardening, we were like…beer what? We imagined a lush garden with flowers and benches, surrounded by beer taps. Or perhaps even a beer tasting in a forest somewhere. Little did we expect what we would actually find! Walk in the door to Studio Square and see a massive bar (1 of 2 in the whole space). On tap will be 19 beers, ready to be poured in either a 1/2 liter ($7), full liter ($13) or a pitcher ($18). Here you won’t find any Bud light, but you will be able to enjoy Spaten Lager, Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat, or Radeberger. If you’re interested in a lighter beer, you can order Abita light or Harpoon summer ale. Warning- this is CASH ONLY, so come with a hefty wad of dough. There are also quite a few ATM machines if you forget.

If delicious, crisp and cold beer isn’t enough, check out the grill! What could go better with those drunk munchies than hot dogs, angus burgers, pulled pork, portobello burgers, or codfish sandwiches. Want to supersize that? Add a side of fries, sauerkraut, or a fresh pretzel for only $3.

You may be wondering why there’s a picture of sushi here. If you have a bit more of a sophisticated munchie, be sure to check out the sushi bar! Yes, a sushi bar at a beer garden! This was truly our dream come true as Nosh and Tell is a huge fan of anything Asian. We ordered a California roll which came with 8 pieces for only $6. The crab was fresh and delicious and went surprisingly well with beer. You can also order spicy tuna, eel avocado or even a veggie roll. The sushi bar is great if you’re a vegetarian and don’t eat meat. Sometimes it’s hard when there are only choices from the grill. This way, you will have tons of choices no matter what you fancy.

Overall the Beer Garden was truly fantastic experience. It is a must go for a sunny afternoon with someone special, or even a big party. Bring some cards and waste away the day, sipping on beer and enjoying the company of your friends. We are definitely going to be frequenting this place again, especially now that the weather in New York is finally looking up. So if you’re looking for something different, something fun and exciting, something delicious, or something refreshing and relaxing, check out Studio Square for a great break from life.

Bon eating and remember to always drink responsibly!
Ariel and Whitney


  1. Mary says

    Those Frech fries look good enough to it. It looks like a really packed affair. It's good to see faces that we can attach to your names.

  2. anjalijane says

    So my birthdays coming up… What could be better than a little outdoors day drinking? Let's go!

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