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A Review of Momofuku Milk Bar NYC

Last night after seeing the hilariously funny movie, The invention of lying, Whitney and I decided that despite already consuming movie treats, we wanted something sweet. A friend suggested Momofuku Milk Bar. Milk Bar? I was particularly skeptical because the only milk I consume is Lactaid and that’s a very infrequent occurrence as it is.  But we decided to give it a go because hey, dessert is dessert. When we arrived, we realized that apparently the rest of Manhattan also had our idea because there was a line out the door!

The Momofuku Milk Bar is no bigger than a typical NYC apartment. Despite its size, it holds massive quantities of sugar, butter, milk and anything else that could possibly satiate even the most sweet crazed of foodies. The menu is massive. You can choose from Soft Serve, Milks, Shakes, Cookies, Cakes, Pies and “Etc” which includes potato grain and pork buns- random but sounds good to me so I won’t complain. I really think this spread would give Willy Wonka a run for his money- who needs Wonka Bar when you can have Candy Bar Pie!!

This is cereal milk. I’m pretty sure it’s milk that has soaked cereal and been strained. This sounds amazing. When you have a nice sugary bowl of cereal don’t you just want to drink all the milk from the bottom of the bowl? That’s the best part!

This is the Candy Bar Pie. It has a chocolate crust, peanut butter nougat, caramel and pretzels. I thought this would be my favorite but I think the peanut butter is a little too thick in the filling. It is like a massive Reese’s peanut butter cup.  If you’re a fan of the chocolate and peanut butter combo, this will definitely be up your alley.

These are the chocolate chip cakes. I have to be honest, when I first saw the ingredients to this cake- passion fruit curd, chocolate crumbs and coffee buttercream- I was skeptical. Passion fruit curd has never really been a big winner for me, especially when mixed with my two favorite ingredients, chocolate and coffee. But I was wrong!!! The passion fruit was cold and refreshing and actually worked surprisingly well with the coffee buttercream.

This is the Banana Cake. It has banana cream, hazelnut crunch and gianduja fudge. I didn’t get to try this one but that sounds like a great combination.

Et, pour le piece de resistance! The Compost Cookies!!! In the front of the Milk Bar was a girl scooping massive balls of cookie dough from an endless vat. I couldn’t tell whether I pitied or envied her as she dug her scoop into the tub and pulled out a rich ball of dough. The cookies are a combination of pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch and chocolate chips. I really like the idea of potato chips in a cookie- they add a delicious salty crunch. I think scooping cookie dough with an ice cream scoop is an amazing idea and will try to get Whitney to do that from now on.

Overall, Momofuku Milk Bar was awesome. Even though the line is long, the wait is definitely worth it. While you’re waiting in line you can scan the menu while listening to groovy music. Soon you will be devouring a unique and tasty dessert – a dessert you will not want to share with friends. So make sure you order enough and enjoy!

Bon Eating,


  1. Velva says

    Oh, those desserts at the Milk Bar are stunning and look delicious! We will be heading to NYC in November and I have this place on my list to visit one evening.
    The cereal milk is such a neat concept! Who comes up with this stuff? It's great!

  2. NMOS says

    Wow….a milk bar? I thought when I saw that idea in that movie "Clockwork Orange", I thought it was crazy. So it does exist. The desserts look great. I wish they had one of those here in the Pacific Northwest. Do you know if "Momofuku" is the name of the owners or if it's a word that means something?

  3. Libby Murphy says

    Goodness, how sweet they look! All the desserts look wonderful but Lord they are RICH! I can just imagine what they must taste like. That banana number sounds like some great layering of flavors.
    Happy Twirls

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