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Welcome to Nosh & Tell! We started this blog in March of 2009 when we decided it was time to share our love for everything food with others. Avid watchers of the Food Network and experimenters in the kitchen, we grabbed our cameras, got off Facebook, and got on Blogger to create “Nosh & Tell.” Years—and many sticks of butter later—we moved Nosh & Tell to our own URL, so here we are. Come to us for recipes, reviews, amazing food pics and a lot of love.

Whitney Edwards

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, I grew up where good food and friends are in abundance. My mom was a gourmet chef and caterer, so growing up I was spoiled with delicious home cooked meals almost every night. On weekends I would reluctantly tell my friends that they would have to wait on me because at our family dinners attendance was mandatory. I may not have liked it at the time, but this instilled in me a sense of food bringing people together. It’s about good food and even better company. You can normally find me cooking/baking or even just sitting in the kitchen (probably drinking a Diet Coke) since it’s where I feel most comfortable. When I’m not on a culinary craze I enjoy exercising, hanging out with friends, watching the Food Network, catching up on my Google Reader, and wasting time on Facebook. Currently I am pursuing my love for food through various jobs/internships, cooking classes, and my undergraduate education.

Favorite Foods: chocolate, green apples, cheese, Barney Butter, vanilla soy milk, cereal, sushi, sun-dried tomatoes, baked goods, and Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip Frosting.

Ariel Kanter

Ariel Kanter is an editor at Gilt City and a food columnist with amNewYork. She lives and eats in New York City. With a culinary school diploma under her whites, she loves to cook and feed her friends. Follow her on Twitter @RavenousRel and Instagram @ArielKanter for photos of meals and, occasionally, her cat Jasper.


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