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Arancini From Last Night’s Risotto

If your appetite is anything like mine, you’ll be hard pressed to find the day when there is leftover risotto. Every single time that I’ve made it, no matter what the volume, it has been devoured immediately. Now Giada always seems to have leftover risotto. I’m pretty sure we can all guess why. Anyway, I was watching her show the other day and saw that she made arancini from none other than her leftover risotto. I was intrigued. Risotto- with extra cheese, breadcrumbs, and FRIED. What a spectacular idea!

From my last blog post, I had some leftover risotto myself for the first time ever. I attribute this mainly to the fact that Whitney and Liz were out of town. Boy did they miss out…

Arancini – note measurements are not exact

2 cups leftover risotto

1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese

1-2 eggs

1 cup + a little extra breadcrumbs – I used panko

oil for frying

Heat the oil in a large pot. While it is warming up, prepare the arancini.  Place the eggs, cheese and breadcrumbs into the cold risotto. Mix everything around. This is the time that if the risotto is looking too wet that you should add some more breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs will help the arancini bind so you want to make sure you have enough.

After all the arancini have been formed into balls, roll each ball in a little more breadcrumbs so that the outside will have a nice crunch. Carefully place the arancini in the oil and let them fry until they are golden brown.

When they are finished, place the arancini on a plate that is covered in paper towels to soak up the extra oil. Finish with some salt. EAT.

These were absolutely luxurious. The outside was crunchy and the inside was smooth and creamy. The corn and zucchini from the risotto were still a bit tender and added a great sweetness.

The best thing about this dish is that is it so versatile. You can make these out of any kind of risotto in the world. Imagine the possibilities….

In order to not skyrocket to a plump 300 pounds, I will not be making arancini for a while now. But they will be greatly missed. They are a must try so the next time you have some risotto leftover, definitely give them a go. Anyway, you really can’t go wrong.

On a side note, Whitney and I are finally reunited!!!!!! Look forward to more frequent blog posts now that we are together and in the continental US. :)

Bon Eating,



  1. Cedarglen says

    Wow! Never heard of this before another post earlier today. What a great idea! As you have noted, the variations are endless and yes, it is perfectly possible to ‘enhance’ the leftover rosotto with a few other bits as desired. Ordinary bread crumbs are fine (and shold probably be used inside), but the panko outer coating is a brilliant idea. Thanks!

  2. cathy fiore says

    just came upon nosh and tell. what wonderful photos and recepies. all so very healthy.will try them. hope you have more to add. put this in my favorites.

  3. I have loved you guys from almost the beginning and am excited that your back together!
    I am a lurker who stumbled across your site and have always enjoyed it!

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