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BOLOGNA–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (9)

So there was this one time I skipped a ton of school to travel. That would be my time abroad in Italy. That would be mostly this weekend when I went to class Monday and Tuesday and then decided along with my friend Amy, eh, nahhh I don’t think we’re going to go to school anymore this week, why don’t we go to Bologna? Can’t say I regret that decision at all.

I had been bugging people to go to Bologna with me the entire time we’d been in Italy. We were gonna go early one Saturday morning….and then we drank too much the night before and couldn’t move the next day to go. Well…this week was different. Amy and I booked a hotel. We were going. Why did I have to force someone to come along with me? Because if you’re not really into food there isn’t a TON to see in Bologna. There are a few things: the oldest university in the world, the leaning towers, some museums and I’m sure some other things. But the reason I really wanted to go: the bolognese sauce.

Do I regret my trip that was solely based on one meal of pasta with meat sauce? Absolutely not. That simple meal of fresh, home-made pasta with warm and hearty bolognese sauce was so much more than I could have imagined. I still feel confident that I will NEVER have bolognese as good as I had in Bologna. I did my research before and discovered that a restaurant by the name of “Da Bertino’s” was supposed to be the place to get bolognese. They did not let me down!

Definitely make reservations before hand. Not gonna lie, the place was pretty unimpressive when we first walked in. I remember thinking it kind of looked like a diner…which worried me immensely at the time. Actually, I remember specifically thinking it looked like a bigger Waffle House with table cloths. Ohhh how I misjudged you, Da Bertino’s.

So first course: some kind of veggie soup with mini pastas in it.

I don’t remember now what was in it exactly but I remember it was creamy and tomatoey and delicious. I’m pretty sure I put cheese in it too–never hurt anyone…

Next course, the star: homemade pasta with bolognese sauce. Pasta texture: melt-in-your-mouth, tender, cooked perfectly al-dente to match the amazing sauce: flavorful, beeeeeeef!, tomatoey, rich, spices spot on all made even better by the freshly grated parmesan to go on top. (see picture, I like cheese).

I cannot explain the amazingness of this pasta. I cannot recommend Da Bertino’s for their bolognese higher, if you go there and don’t order the bolognese you would be committing a crime.

Moving onto dessert. More like dessert buffet I should say! They bring around this dessert cart with all these delicious treats on it–obviously I ordered one of everything. Pretty sure the waiters started yelling at each other in Italian because they were so confused why I would ever order one of every dessert, Mamma Mia! They don’t quite understand American (non) moderation. Anyway, I don’t even remember what desserts they had..I do remember strawberries with fresh whipped cream over it and some kind of apple crisp. I don’t have any pictures to document the desserts considering all I got a picture of was the empty plates on our table……


All in all I really liked Bologna. We only stayed one night but that was enough for me to get my bolognese sauce :). Perfetto. We continued on from here to Barcelona….BEST weekend. I’ll get to that later. But if you go to Bologna definitely book a table at Da Bertino’s it was really authentic Italian food (you can always tell if the place is filled with Italians) and was absolutely incredible. We even had this cute little market outside of our hotel balcony–very picturesque. Don’t skip Bologna if you’re in Italy, it truly is worth it for the architecture and even just for the food!

Bon eating,


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