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October 29, 2009   •   Whitney

It’s Time: Nosh & Tell + SOS

For our LAUNCH PARTY! That’s right, tonight is the night. Meaning today is the LAST DAY to get your raffle tickets! Yes, donations will only be taken until 11:59 PM EST tonight via Paypal. If you happen to be attending the launch party then we will take your donations all night, so more like 3

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October 19, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

4 Layer Cookie Bars & Launch Party Giveaways

This is a double whammy post: one part delicious baked good, one part charity/prizes/really that kid wasn’t in the balloon?/we’re really freakin’ excited for our launch party! Alright Four Layer Cookie Bars were fabulous, it’s four cookies in one so they are what you might expect: rich, sweet, and yummy. I made them for our

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September 1, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

100th Blog Post Celebration: a dinner party & giveaway!

Well here we are..100 posts later, lots of food consumed, money well spent, and pretty full of food and happiness. When we realized we were nearing our 100th post milestone we contemplated the ways to celebrate. It only seemed fitting that we host a dinner party since what we do on this blog is cook,

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July 20, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

A Nosh and Tell Review of Studio Square Beer Garden in Astoria

In New York, there are several things you can do on a weekend with lovely weather. You can lay around and get your tan on in Central Park, stand in line at Shake Shack for a juicy burger, walk along the Hudson, jump in the fountain at Washington Square park, or even mooch off a

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June 23, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

A Review of the Khaya Cookie Company

Hey guys. Today we’re doing a joint review about some cookies that were actually sent to us! Aside from our excitement of being sent something to review for free, we also are very inspired by the story of these cookies and can’t wait to share them with you.  The Khaya Cookie Company uses all natural,

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April 5, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Weekend Tea Party

This weekend we decided to do a joint post involving Whitney’s baked goods and Ariel’s tea! The tea party turned out to be a huge success as we munched on petits fours and sipped on some Teavana tea. This petit afternoon snack is perfect to take outside and enjoy in this beautiful spring weather. NYC

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