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September 18, 2010   •   Whitney

BOLOGNA–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (9)

So there was this one time I skipped a ton of school to travel. That would be my time abroad in Italy. That would be mostly this weekend when I went to class Monday and Tuesday and then decided along with my friend Amy, eh, nahhh I don’t think we’re going to go to school

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August 8, 2010   •   Whitney

Spring Break!–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (8)

Yes. We’re still on my posts from abroad. When will they end! Soon. (ish). So my Spring Break trip was one of the greatest weeks of being abroad. We went to Rome for 5 days, Dublin over St. Patty’s day and then to Amsterdam to end our break. As you can imagine, it was incredibly

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July 1, 2010   •   Whitney

Switzerland–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy! (7)

So I’m not really IN Italy anymore which really makes the title of this blog a lie…but what the hey I wish I was still there anyway so I’ll go with it. Double lie because this post isn’t even about Italy it’s about an entirely¬†different country! Good ol’ Switzerland. Gotta love the cheese, and the

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May 4, 2010   •   Whitney

Venice Carnevale–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (6)!

Carnevale is basically Europe’s Mardi Gras. Lots of drinking, ridiculous costumes and amazing amounts of fun. We chose to spend Carnivale in Venice, one of the major celebration cities in Italy. It was incredible. I have never seen such elaborate costumes and Venice, oh Venice. It feels like you’re walking around a movie set. Absolutely

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April 13, 2010   •   Whitney

La Dolce Vita–E.V.O.Oh my gah I’m in Italy (5)!

Ciaooo! Still here in Italia living La Dolce Vita! Haven’t been able to post much lately due to lots of traveling but rest assured that I have been photographing all my amazing meals along the way. Let’s see..the last time I posted I think was after I had been to Lucca? Since then I’ve been

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February 1, 2010   •   Whitney

E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (2)!

Yesss I am still in Italia! But no this post is not on Italian food–I promise, I’ll get there. But before I got to Firenze I went to Paris to visit my friend Anjali and to have a European Reunion with lots of our friends. It was a ton of fun and I am SO

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January 26, 2010   •   Whitney

E.V.O.Oh my gah I’m in Italy! (1)

So I actually made these Snack Mix Bars before I left to come to Firenze but I’m here! To steal Rachael Ray’s phrase (ugh never thought I’d say that) EVOOh my gahhh I’m in Italy! It is absolutely GORGEOUS here and the food is AMAZING! I think the Italian language is so beautiful and I

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September 28, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Nosh and Tell Journeys: A Boston Brunch at Henrietta’s Table

I need to start out this post by saying that I am fasting for Yom Kippur. I haven’t eaten anything since 6:15 last night and can’t eat until 7:15 tonight. For someone like me who loves food and loves even more to constantly eat just for the sake of eating, this is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. I

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August 31, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Nosh and Tell Journeys: Baked in Brooklyn

If you creep around the food blog world enough then I’m sure you have seen bloggers making recipes from Baked, a small bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I have been drooling over recipes for Sweet & Salty Cake and many other quirky creations for months now and I finally made the trek to the bakery

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August 20, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Nosh and Tell Journeys: Los Angeles Farmer’s Market

Spending the week on the west coast has brought up many questions for me. Why don’t I live here, for example, is one of the bigger ones. Aside from the glorious weather, the obvious relaxed nature of most of its locals, and the salty smell of the air near the coast, California is a gold

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