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August 17, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Creamy Israeli Couscous and an Airplane Food Rant

This week I’m in California! Before I blog about all food West Coast, I thought I’d give you a little post about eating before boarding your flight to your next vacation destination. Now we all know that plane food is a little less than subpar. If you’re lucky enough to even be fed on a

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August 13, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Baked Egg Noodle Casserole Creation

A few days ago I was rummaging around the kitchen. I was exhausted from a summer of running around the city, and congested and sniffly from living with a congested and sniffly Whitney. What I craved was comfort food. I went to our pasta cabinet and I was surprised to see that all we had

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June 29, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Dabbling in the Kitch – Ariel’s Delightful Mac and Cheese

What can be more comforting than something that is warm, filling and cheesy? Today I’m blogging about my first attempt at baked macaroni and cheese. Despite appreciating truly good and fresh food, I happen to enjoy the stuff that comes out of the blue box. But in hopes of finding a cheesy mac that is

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