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September 12, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Polenta Pizza

The other day I was brainstorming with Whit. What haven’t we done on Nosh and Tell? What should be our next thing to share? I immediately realized that we have been missing a massive staple of the American diet, a massive staple of the world’s diet! Pizza!  I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love pizza.

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September 8, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Sticky Buns, Faulty Fire Extinguishers, and Disaster Averted

When I decided to make sticky buns yesterday, I figured that going for something simple would be best. After all I’m no master of the oven; I’m actually a full fledged novice when it comes to anything baking. Who better to turn to than Ina when looking for a straight forward recipe with a delicious

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August 26, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Pan Seared Cod with Sauteed Summer Veggies

As you all know, Whitney took a cooking class at the French Culinary Institute this summer. Every Saturday she would spend the entire day on her feet, learning how to braise, saute, pan sear, and other things awesome and francais. Not only did she make delicious food, but she usually brought it home for me

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August 24, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Rel’s Ravenous Review of Union Street in Newton Center

As some of you know, Newton is my hometown. The word “town” usually connotes a small suburban area with one main street and lots of trees, but Newton is actually a massive place with about 8 different subsections. One of the subsections is Newton Center. It’s a friendly spot with middle school students innocently flirting

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August 17, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Creamy Israeli Couscous and an Airplane Food Rant

This week I’m in California! Before I blog about all food West Coast, I thought I’d give you a little post about eating before boarding your flight to your next vacation destination. Now we all know that plane food is a little less than subpar. If you’re lucky enough to even be fed on a

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August 13, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Baked Egg Noodle Casserole Creation

A few days ago I was rummaging around the kitchen. I was exhausted from a summer of running around the city, and congested and sniffly from living with a congested and sniffly Whitney. What I craved was comfort food. I went to our pasta cabinet and I was surprised to see that all we had

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August 6, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Union Square Green Market – Heirloom Tomato Salad

There are some aspects of summer that we wait patiently all year to enjoy. Some wait for the sun and a tan, others wait for the rolling waves at the beach. You know what I wait for? Heirloom tomatoes. Heirlooms are not just your ordinary tomato. They are a wide range of colors and sizes

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August 5, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Rel’s Ravenous Review of Gyu Kaku

Last night I went to a restaurant called Gyu Kaku. Despite the difficult to pronounce name, the food was simply delicious. What’s so special about this restaurant which is located in the East Village and Midtown is that it is Japanese BBQ. What is Japanese BBQ, you may be wondering. Let me paint you a

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August 4, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Dabbling in the Kitch – Stuffed Tomatoes

I am very lucky to have a roommate/best friend/co-blogger who is attending classes at the French Culinary Institute this summer. Every Saturday, Whitney comes home with stories of flambeed chicken, animal cheeks, stewed lamb and buttery baked barley. I only wish I could take part in this exciting culinary experience. This past Saturday, Whit came

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July 31, 2009   •   Ariel and Whitney

Dabbling in the Kitch – Diane’s Tomato Pie

I have come to realize why pizza is one of the most popularly made and consumed foods in the US. The crust is thick and doughy, the sauce is hot and oily and of course the cheesy is ooey gooey. You really can’t go wrong with that sort of combination. But what happens when you

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