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Cleaning out the Pantry- Toasted Almond and Sun-dried Tomato Pesto

Hey everyone! It’s a new month so I decided that this blog should be dedicated to cleaning out that fridge and pantry and getting rid of all those foods that…need to be tossed. It’s so great to buy fresh produce but what happens when you just can’t get to all of it? 

Yesterday, while I was cleaning out the fridge, I found some fresh parsley that I just didn’t want to toss. It would probably only last a few more days so I decided to make a pesto with it in my new food processor! Again, thanks Mom! I really love the traditional pesto with some basil, garlic, olive oil and toasted pine nuts. The original meaning of “pesto” is to pound or to crush, referring to the crushing and blending of the garlic and herbs. So why not try a pesto with some other ingredients? I tossed in the parsley to the food processor. I also knew that I wanted to add a toasty crunch to my pesto. I had a few almonds leftover in the pantry so I toasted those on medium heat until they had a rich aroma and I threw them in the processor as well. Whitney then suggested that I add a few of her sun dried tomatoes. They would add a chewy texture and a bit of a tangy punch to the pesto. To go with the traditional pesto recipe, I added some garlic and blended away. After adding about a fourth of a cup of olive oil, it was finished. 

The result of my creation was actually quite delicious. I topped garlic crustinis that I had with the spread and it was a great snack. The toasty almonds really balanced the sourness of the tomatoes and the parsley added a delicious fresh component. The consistency is not that of a traditional pesto so I suppose I would call this more of a spread. The almonds are crunchy but the dip itself is smooth and creamy from the olive oil and garlic. 

Even though it’s the beginning of a new month and time to go to the grocery again, don’t forget about all those leftovers in your fridge and pantry. You never know what you’ll be able to create. Good luck!

Bon Eating,


  1. Justin says

    that looks so tasty. i'm very impressed this came out of cleaning out the pantry.

  2. Alisa@Foodista says

    Cleaning out the pantry really brings out your creativity, this one really looks great! nice twist to the traditional pesto.I'd love to guide our readers to your site if you won't mind.Just add this foodista widget to this post and it's all set to go, Thanks!

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