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E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy! (4)

So I’ve been in Italy for about a month and a half now. Amount of pasta eaten: couldn’t tell you. Amount of cheese eaten: no clue. Amount of wine consumed: well our shelf of bottles would beg to differ but I’m gonna go with, countless glasses. As you can see things are going well! I will say I am missing being able to bake…especially after I go through my Google Reader and see all these amazing things that people are making! But I am able to cook in our cozy little Italian kitchen which I know I should be thankful for. This blog post is from my very own home for the semester, Firenze! (Other wise known as Florence).

A few weeks ago I went to a chocolate festival held in the Piazza in front of Santa Croce in Firenze. It was a weekend long festival filled with chocolate everything. I mean everything. Chocolate galore. It was my dream.

Strawberries for dipping in chocolate!

They had tools made out of chocolate, chocolate liquor, hot chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate hearts, chocolate kebabs, home made nutella, chocolate covered strawberries and the list goes on and on.

They also had a chocolate demonstration with an Italian chocolatier in another tent. We went and watched for a little bit but seeing as my Italian is pretty limited I couldn’t understand much. I did see a Cocoa Bean though! They’re a lot larger than I imagined.

We sampled some chocolate and I must say the chocolate is so amazing here. I also went to Switzerland last weekend and the chocolate there–HEAVENLY. I’ll get to that in a later post.

Okay two part post, second part: sandwich from Antico Noe in Florence.

Before we came here we got recommendations from tons of friends on where to eat, go out and travel. Thank you thank you to all those people! One of those recommendations was for a sandwich shop called Antico Noe located pretty close to our apartment here in Florence. To quote our friend Gene who recommended it, “hole in the wall shope that serves toasted sandwiches on the best long bread with fresh meats and a huge variety of sandwiches. Guy who makes the best is jacked and has a “Leonardo” tattoo on his forearm”. Pretty accurate. Really good sandwiches, lots of variety. The day I went for lunch they were out of turkey because I went pretty late in the afternoon. That’s one thing here that’s different than the US: when they run out, they run out. No cheesecake by the time you order dessert? You’re not getting any. No more bread when you want a sandwich, no can do.

SO I went to Antico Noe and ordered a sandwich that was supposed to have turkey, brie and sun-dried tomatoes. Instead I got chicken since the turkey was all gone, and it was pretty good. I would have liked to have turkey because the meat here is a little different than back home. It has a lot more fat on it than in the states which I am not quite a fan of but all that aside the sandwich was still good. I think with turkey this sandwich would have been perfect, but needless to say, I finished the entire thing.

If you’re in Florence for the day I would definitely suggest going to Antico Noe for a great panino–there are a TON of sandwich places but not all of them are good. I’ll be blogging about my favorite one, the Oil Shoppe, as soon as I get around to taking pictures. Problem is I normally scarf down my sandwich before I get a chance to take a picture of it…one day I will exercise self-control.

Antico Noe is located in a little alleyway that is parallel with Borgo Pinti, Volta di San Piero, 6-red. It’s not far from the Duomo if you’re in the area you should try it out. Pretty inexpensive too, I think my sandwich was about 4 euro? So a little over 5 dollars for a giant sandwich.


Buono Eating!



  1. Ariel says

    I did the same program in Florence last semester! Never made it to Antica Noe, although I walked by it several times…The Oil Shoppe is good but Bar Lidia, closer to campus, was definitely my favorite!

  2. On a hot, day in October, hungry and tired from travelling and just arriving in Firenze, I tried to find this sandwich shop and wasn’t successful. Perhaps the hunger and heat affected my eyesight:) Glad to see what I was missing. Loved this most and made me think of my food centred week in Firenze just a few months ago.

  3. Ariel: ah thanks for reminding me! I totally forgot to mention Bar Lidia, but it is amazing. And the little old man who makes the panini is sooo cute! Hope you aren’t missing Florence too much! Thanks for stopping by.
    Tami: It’s hard to get around the streets here in Firenze, they change names almost every block! Glad you had such a wonderful experience in Firenze, it’s an amazing place. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  4. i traveled to firenze two years ago to visit my sister and her bf while they studied in town. such an amazing place with amazing food…duh. so glad that you’re enjoying…savor all the moments and tastes.

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