Happy Hour
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Happy Hour- Frozen Southsides

It’s back to school time. Time to shop at staples, the NYU bookstore, Bed Bath and Beyond and Basics Plus. Time to start figuring out our schedules. Time to start thinking academics. Time to start thinking, period. As the summer heat starts to slip, we start forgetting those trips to the beach and long nights drinking summery cocktails. 
But what if that cooling sensation of a cocktail on your tongue doesn’t have to end? What if we try to extend the summer by continuing to mix those delicious drinks all throughout the fall? I don’t have a problem with it. Do you? 
You all might remember from this post when Whitney went to the Rice’s on Fire Island and helped cook and mix drinks for Maddie’s Cocktail Party. She mentioned Frozen Southsides and how delicious they are. Actually she raved about them, and then some. Needless to say, when we were debating about what to make for this happy hour post, Frozen Southsides were definitely our number one pick. And I have to say, move over mint julep and mojito, there’s a new minty guy in town. 
Frozen Southside
2 cans of Minute Maid Frozen Limeade
2 cans (equal parts) Vodka
1/4 cup sugar
Several Mint Sprigs
Those are all the ingredients. Could that be any easier?!? To make the cocktail, blend everything together. That’s all! 
To be honest, at first I was skeptical about this Frozen Limeade stuff. I don’t think I’ve had anything Minute Maid since Kindergarten. And mixing that with vodka? Especially since we use the cheapest vodka possible, I worried that this mixture would be a little bit…nasty. The truth is that the sourness of the limeade actually goes really well with the flavor of the vodka. While I do think that the lime flavor is sweet enough on its own, adding a little extra sugar really can’t hurt, right? 
The mint is really the key ingredient here as it adds a freshness to the drink. Without it, it would taste a little too canned, preprocessed limey. Sometimes I don’t really like biting down on a piece of mint in a drink, but since it’s actually blended in, it just slides right down so you get maximum flavor and minimal crunching. 

I can’t wait for tonight so we can enjoy this cocktail in style. I will absolutely be making this again as it is delicious and surprisingly cheap. You can whip up a huge batch for a cocktail party or just use 1 can of limeade for a small get together. Either way, I highly suggest you try this out. Its flavor epitomizes summer. You can almost taste the sunshine in the tart lime and vodka mixture. Enjoy it before the winter comes and you start asking for hot cocktails like mudslides just to keep you warm!

Bon Eating,


  1. Velva says

    We are a cocktail shaking household and this is a recipe that we are going to try! Thanks.

  2. Maddie says

    The recipe should be made with 10-15 springs of mint and at least a half of blender of ice to make them more like slushies. So glad you are enjoying them as much as we do. The credit for the recipe goes to Andrew Sinwell.

  3. Ariel says

    ooo whoops! Thanks Maddie! Well to anyone who would like to add those suggestions, I think the cocktail would be delicious! Otherwise, the one recommended on the blog is soooo good!

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