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Happy Hour- Peachy Wine Cooler

The weather is warming up; school is winding down, so it’s time to start making those cooling summer cocktails. I have been doing some research on wine coolers and I came across Drink Mixer’s ’80’s Wine Cooler. It called for Chablis White Wine, 7-up soda and peach juice. Easy enough! I went to my local super market and went shopping…

The wine I snagged ended up being a light Chardonnay.  I think you can always play around with which wine you’d like to use. Crisp, fruity, dry- it’s really your choice. Also your choice, price. Spend what you will. I also decided to take the peach juice “up a notch” (thanks Emeril). My dad loves to drink nectar fruit juices. They are much thicker than your typical juice box and I’d like to think that they’re a lot healthier. I chose Looza Peach Nectar. The glass bottle is filled with peach puree and a little bit of water and sugar to sweeten things up. Don’t forget to shake before use! Instead of 7-up I decided on Sprite Zero just to make the drink more bikini friendly.
Peachy Wine Cooler

1 part Peach Nectar
2 parts White Wine of Choice (Chardonnay)
3 parts Sprite Zero
A Handful of frozen peaches or other frozen berries of your choice.

As you can see, the drink is beautiful. I decided at the last minute to add in some frozen peaches. They add a sweet, fruity and icy punch to the drink. I think the cooler would also be great with some frozen blackberries or raspberries.  Especially if you’re transporting the drink, adding frozen fruits will make it cold and not water it down if they defrost! 

So there’s the finished product. I really hope you try out this peachy wine cooler. It’s sweet, bubbly and fruity. This refreshing cocktail doesn’t taste a bit like bitter alcohol so it really would be perfect for a hot summer’s day at the park . I also am pleasantly surprised at the cost of the drink. I went for a very cheap bottle of wine at $7.50 and with the rest of the ingredients, I only spent about 15 dollars total and the ingredients made a huge pitcher of the drink! A cheap, delicious, cooler – what else could you ask for? 

Enjoy the Peachy Wine Cooler and remember to always drink responsibly!
Bon Eating,


  1. Risa says

    This looks so refreshing. This would be perfect for a luncheon or bridal shower.

  2. liz says

    this would have gone wonderfully with our “knocked up” session last night. YUMMMM

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