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New box, same great taste!


We bought Nosh & Tell the URL a loooong time ago and just got around to finishing up our website. Who knew there were so many things to choose?! Thanks to Ariel’s Dad for helping fund the purchase of the domain, and thanks to the help of our amazing friend Roman, we were able to get just what we wanted to make our new website live. We’re still the same old Nosh & Tellers, just on a little more friendly blogging platform, and with a few more features than before! Notice our spiffy pages above [“oooh ahh!”] now we have a more lengthy “About Us” page, a resources page with all our must-read sites, an archives page, and soon we’ll have a handy dandy Recipe Index with all of the recipes featured on the site. We even have a cute little page Nosh & Tell page icon that’s next to the URL. You wouldn’t know it but that was a massive pain in the you-know-what, and Whit is pretty convinced the stress of trying to make it gave her the swine flu. Just kidding, but in all honesty the new site is much easier for us to use and hopefully easier for you all to navigate. We don’t miss Blogger’s annoying system of uploading pictures or inability to copy & paste, but would we be narcissistic if we said we missed our “Followers” box? So sad. Anyway, play around on the website a bit, get hungry, we hope you love it as much as we do! If you have any suggestions please let us know because we’re still trying to develop this thing. HTML code ain’t exactly our forte! Thank you so much again to Roman our fabulous website guru and to y’all for reading this and keeping us inspired.

This is how we feel about our new site: it's great!

This is how we feel about our new site: it's great!


Ariel & Whitney


  1. Congrats on the new site! It looks awesome! You guys are doing great things. One day I’ll try to make one of these on my own instead of just looking at the pictures and reading about how you guys did it :)

  2. Amelie: Thanks so much, and thank you for still reading the blog through our move! You’re awesome, we love your blog too!
    Mads: Thanks love! You know you’re welcome as a taste tester any time!

    Thanks to all for reading and commenting!
    Bon Eating!

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