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Nosh and Tell Journeys: Baked in Brooklyn

If you creep around the food blog world enough then I’m sure you have seen bloggers making recipes from Baked, a small bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. I have been drooling over recipes for Sweet & Salty Cake and many other quirky creations for months now and I finally made the trek to the bakery to try it out for myself! I have been dying to go to Baked for a while but never had the time so when my friend Elise had her car in the city for a few days and needed to go pick up some things in BK I offered to keep her company, and forced her to take me to Baked. Pretty good deal.

 Black Forest Bar
After getting lost due to Google Maps and ending up on some strange play ground we finally found the famous bakery. With it’s bright orange door and warm looking atmosphere, Baked was calling to us on this cloudy and chilly Saturday. I needed some comfort in the form of sugar and we needed a hangover fix, bad. Immediately when we walked in Elise and I walked to the counter and started pointing to everything that we wanted, exclaiming “oh my gahh that looks so good” or “I have to have that. now”. We probably said that about everything on display because everything looked amazing. I quickly monopolized the register and ordered one of pretty much everything they had on the menu that day. 
Monster Cookie
 The Grasshopper Bar

I managed to save most of the goods until we came back home where our panel of taste testers passed around each Baked item. Here’s what we got: a slice of Malted Cake, Sweet & Salty Brownie, Baked Bar, PB Krispie Bar, Brewer’s Blondie, Black Forest Bar, Grasshopper Bar, Monster Cookie, and a Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake. Afternoon feast, check! It was the best 20 minutes of my life. We unwrapped each item, took a bite, passed it around, I photographed, and we delighted in the deliciousness of each thing we tried. I could get used to that.

 The Baked Bar
Malted Cake

Baked did not disappoint. Here’s the run down of our thoughts on each thing. The Malted Cake: the cake part, moist, light, and delicious; the frosting–eh, okay. Sweet & Salty Brownie: really good brownie but we wish there was more salt, it was more just like a normal brownie. Baked Bar: sure to please any lover of seven layer bars, magic bars, etc. it was delicious. PB Krispie Bar: uh…amazing, seriously I need to know how to make this…it was incredible. Rich chocolate ganache with dense PB on top of layer of krispies–it had all the textures you could ever want and packed a rockin flavor. Heavenly. Brewer’s Blondie: I loved this, it was perfectly gooey and chocolatey, Ariel didn’t really think it was anything special but I inhaled this treat. Black Forest Bar: I don’t even know what was in this but it was good. The combo of fruit preserves with chocolate crumble was awesome. Grasshopper Bar: so good, but what makes Baked’s version of this classic even better is that the mint layer is so light and fluffy–it’s almost like whipped cream, it was great. Monster Cookie: to be honest, Paula Deen’s version is way better, this wasn’t the best thing we ate. Vanilla Cupcake: Elise got this at and ate it for dessert after lunch, I tried a bite and it was pretty good. It was perfectly light and and flavorful, and really cute.

 PB Krispie Bar…come to me.

All in all, Baked was a hit. Y’all should all visit if you’re in the area. I was surprised by how cheap it was, I got all of those things and a huge sandwich for twenty-seven dollars! Ah, how thrifty the rest of the world is outside of New York City. I wish they had a location in Manhattan, although if they did I probably would go every day which would lead to severe weight gain and probably diabetes, but I would be smiling the whole time! I’m sure I will purchase the Baked cookbook soon enough so I can have a constant supply of PB Krispies on hand, but until then I will just be lusting after their delicious creations. Ugh I’m hungry now.

Bon Eating,


  1. Helen McGinn says

    Oh gawd, you need to get the cookbook and share recipes! I've ran out of room! Those photos are lovely, I could almost bite the screen….

  2. Dianna says

    I'm jealous! Being in California means I'll probably never get to Baked! I do love their cookbook though. I'm glad to hear the PB Krispie treat is awesome. It's the next thing from the cookbook I was planning to make! Love your blog!

  3. Mary says

    I'm jealous :-). We don't get a lot of that in my community of 152,000. Everything looks fabulous.

  4. A & W says

    Helen McGinn: Thank you! I am seriously craving a PB Krispie bar right now it's not okay. And I will be purchasing the cook book as soon as I have the funds!
    Dianna: well if they ever franchise then hopefully you'll have a chance to go! I will be anxiously awaiting your blog post about the PB Krispies…seriously I cannot get over how good they were! Thanks for the kind words.
    thecookieshopinenglish: it was pretty much the best afternoon ever for me, Ariel, and two of our friends…we were just giggling, saying "mmmm", and passing around baked goods for like 20 minutes! You can always look at the recipes in the Baked cookbook though!
    Mary: Well if we buy the book and bake something, we'll have to send you some extras! Everything was extra tasty.

    Thanks all for visiting and for your comments!
    Bon Eating,

  5. Mini Baker says

    all of those look soooo delicious! And I LOVE the "baked" packaging labels so chic!
    -Mini Baker

  6. cookies and cups says

    ooh can't wait to go there too! My husband works in Manhattan but he acts like getting over to Brooklyn is a major hassle…will have to talk him into it now!!

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