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Nosh and Tell Journeys: Israel – Meatos Restaurant

Last Israel post! Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you all- I’ve been very jet-lagged. Anyway, the last thing I’d like to share is a review of a restaurant called Meatos. Danny suggested this restaurant as a treat for one of our final nights in Tel Aviv. 

Meatos, known for its kosher steak, is a chic place, filled with cozy leather couches and hungry patrons. The first course menu is chock full of traditional favorites with a twist. Try the meat hummus, hummus mixed with lamb and chopped herbs. Love your wings? Order the sweet and sour chili chicken wings. The main menu has many choices even if you’re not a steak lover. Aside from the fillet mignon, you can order pasta with an olive oil and tomato sauce, salmon filet or even some lamb chops. Meatos also offers a sushi menu; however, when we were at the restaurant we weren’t even offered this menu. I just happened to find it online. On this menu, you can order spicy tuna, salmon tempura, and any other sushi favorite. 

When we sat down, we were given complementary shooters. Can’t complain about that! I’m not sure they actually had alcohol in them but they were delicious. Pureed fruit and whole blueberries created a delicious palate cleanser before our meal. 

On to what we actually ordered. For appetizers, we got the spicy chicken wings- two plates actually because they were amazing. I don’t usually enjoy spicy foods but there was enough sweetness in the sauce to counter-balance the spice. The hot wings left my lips tingling and wanting more. We also ordered a mushroom dish- portebella mushrooms with tomatoes and onions, atop a crustini with a balsamic glaze. 

As a main course, we all basically ordered the same dish: filet medallions over mashed potatoes with a bourdelaise sauce. Danny ordered his with some duck liver pate. Duck liver actually came with a lot of the other meals as well so we just decided to try it. I’m not too sure it was a huge hit, but it’s always good to try new things! My steak was great but to be honest, there was way too much! Three large pieces topped a heaping mass of mashed potatoes (which were creamy and delightful). 

For dessert, Danny and Matt ordered the pecan pie and Barrett and I ordered the chocolate fallen cake. We argued about whose dessert “reigned supreme” and we never actually came to a conclusion. Nevertheless, by the end of dessert we were stuffed. But it’s not over yet! We were actually brought another dessert! On the house! Meatos really knows how to make the customer happy. We were given three fried bananas with a caramel glaze. They tasted like gooey banana french toast. 

As you can imagine, we were absolutely in a food coma post this meal. Everything was delightful.  The food was fresh and the atmosphere was bumpin’. There’s also a large area for outdoor seating with some mood-lighting: a nice place for a date I would think! The restaurant was packed with people and I would assume that you normally need a reservation to get in so if you’re in Tel Aviv, be sure to plan ahead. The next time I’m there, I will definitely be visiting Meatos as it was a delectable meal. 

Sorry I don’t have any pictures…I was too busy eating! I hope my description was enough to convince you that Meatos was a very special treat of a meal. Thanks to Danny and his Dad for suggesting it. 

Whitney and I will be reunited TOMORROW! Hurray!

Bon Eating,

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