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Nosh and Tell Journeys: Israel – Shuk Ha’Carmel

Hey guys. I know I gave a whole plan for all my posts but yesterday I went to this amazing open market in Tel Aviv called Shuk Ha’Carmel and I just have to blog about it. Soo the other stuff will have to wait! Ladies and Gentlemen, Shuk Ha’Carmel is the Mecca of food. The myriads of delectable goodies was just unbelievable. I wish you could’ve all been there to see it. I was like a kid in a candy store, literally. I took about 50 pictures of the food.  From candy, herbs and spices, meats and fish to fresh sandwiches in pita, there’s no need to ever look for a Whole Foods or Shaws. Everything you could possibly need is in this market that is open 7 days a week from morning until sundown. Aside from food, there were also little stands where you could buy knock-off clothing and little Israeli knick-knacks. But I know you guys are here to read about the food so here it goes…

The herbs and spices at the market are endless. I’m not even sure what all of them are! Either way, the plethora of colors are gorgeous and the smell is enough to make me sneeze but in a good way. 

If you’re tired of how expensive cherries are in the US, then definitely move to Tel Aviv. We bought a huge bin of these cherries for 18 Shekels (4.50). They are so cheap because they are grown straight from a Kibbutz nearby. 

This pile of herbs made my nose tingle! You can buy huge bunches of chopped thyme, scallions, sage, and anything else you could possibly want.

Candy!!! This stand had piles and piles of gummies and sour candies. You’re handed a glove and a bag and you can scoop as much as you want. On the street we passed about 5 of these stands. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re set for the day! 

Have more of a sophisticated palate? This stand had so many different sorts of olives and olive oils perfect for a simple appetizer or a little snack. 

The last place I want to show you is my favorite part of Shuk Ha’Carmel. Amidst the many stands for produce and clothing and candy, you can also buy food freshly made for lunch. This stand made chicken and lamb and paired the meat with salads and sauces for a pita sandwich.  I don’t even like lamb but the smells coming from that grill were delicious. Actually, the cook was shouting “delicious” at the top of his lungs every few minutes. 

This was the finished product. I got a pita with chicken, cabbage, grilled onion, and tons of other vegetables. The spiciness of the chicken was cooled by the cabbage and tomatoes. It was amazing. After visiting this stand, I didn’t take any more pictures because my hands were full dealing with this miracle of a lunch. Needless to say, the entire thing was devoured!

Unfortunately these pictures can’t even really represent the gorgeous market. The street was a maze of people shouting: venders trying to bring customers to buy their goods and the customers bargaining down the prices. It was a very exciting experience to be among the hustle and bustle of Israelis shopping for their groceries. If you come to Tel Aviv, definitely check this place out!

Shuk Ha’Carmel- giving all farmers markets a run for their money!

Bon Eating from Tel Aviv,


  1. misss_e says

    Oh wow! That looks like such fun. And the CHERRIES…bliss indeed!

  2. Mary says

    This reminds me of the markets in Thailand. Your photo of the cherries is just incredible. Have a great weekend.

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