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Rel’s Ravenous Review of Artepasta

After a long, hard week of stress, homework, job-searching and whatever else is going on in our lives, sometimes ya just need a Boozy Brunch. What is this Boozy Brunch, you may be wondering. A Boozy Brunch is a delicious conglomeration of food, paired with bottomless alcohol. What could be better?  Two weekends ago, the girlfriends decided that enough was enough; the stress was too high; we were tired, hungry, and in the mood for a mid-afternoon drink. The solution? Boozy Brunch! We settled on a restaurant on Greenwich Avenue called Artepasta. 

Artepasta is a quaint and charming restaurant, perfect for a hungry group in need of some comfort and comfort food. There is plenty of outdoor seating already set up for Spring- hopefully soon it will be warm/dry enough to sit there. The menu is equally as enjoyable as the lovely decor. There is a special menu for brunch that includes bottomless Mimosas and Screwdrivers for an extra five dollars.  Although the brunch menu isn’t too large, there is definitely something for everyone. Want your eggs, your pancakes, your burger, your pasta? You got it, only for $9.95. The regular menu is extremely extensive. Although you don’t get the drink special, your options are endless. From Fried Ravioli to Meatball Sliders, and Penne a la Vodka to New York Strip Streak, you can fill your belly with anything it desires. Whether you’re into low-cal salads or down-home stick to your stomach cuisine, this menu has it all. 

My friends and I decided to go for the Brunch menu- inclusive of those delicious drinks. Before we ordered, we were given a huge bowl of steaming hot blueberry muffins. I don’t even like blueberry muffins and these were amazing! We quickly finished the bowl and were given another…for free! What a recession special! 

I ordered the Frittata Arte Pasta. The thick, Italian style omelet was stuffed with soft potatoes, mozzarella cheese and sweet onions. I skipped out on the Pancetta that is usually in the Frittata- but I’m sure it adds a great salty kick. This order might be surprising to all of you… SURPRISE Ariel doesn’t just eat asian food! Well here’s your proof- the Frittata Arte Pasta. I’m not usually a fan of omelets- I usually order poached eggs or pancakes for brunch, but this frittata intrigued me as something different. It was ooey-gooey cheesy and was just what I needed. Everyone was equally as satisfied with their orders: Liz with her Steak and Eggs, Whitney with her Frittata Primavera and Hillary with her Eggs Benedict. We thought our entrees would be enough…but THEN we decided we wanted to order some garlic bread from the main menu. The bread was toasted and smothered with garlic and cheese. As if this meal wasn’t decadent enough, the bread was just amazing.

AHH I apologize. I ate my frittata before I even considered taking a picture of it. Whoops! Here is a picture of my cleaned plate. Viola!

How could I forget to mention the drinks? My Mimosa was delicious! Compared to other Boozy Brunch restaurants, Artepasta didn’t water down the drinks and they kept them coming! There was no skimping on this drink special- we got what we paid for and more. Artepasta is truly the best of all food worlds. Service was quick, food was excellent and the atmosphere was lovely. I would go there on a date (jodi this is a date suggestion for you), a party, a family get-together, or just a quick lunch in between classes or work. 

Bon Eating,


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    Sounds like a place we would love..keep it on file,, and we’ll have a great family “boozy brunch” when we come to town..include Danny too!! Luv, us

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