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Rel’s Ravenous Review of The Metropolitan Bar and Grill

While I was home, the family decided we wanted to go to the Metropolitan Bar and Grill. I have been there before but I was apprehensive since it’s known for its many burgers and not much else. When you arrive, you are handed a regular menu and then THE menu, a burger menu : a huge piece of paper with every type of burger and every sort of topping you can imagine from tomatoes to truffle oil. I have actually tried the veggie burger before. To be honest, it looks a lot cooler than it tastes. The purple burger is loaded with wild rice and veggies and while it is a good try, it isn’t very juicy or reminiscent at all of an actual burger. 

We started with the onion strings. As opposed to your typical onion rings, these battered shoe-strings are light and have a delicious oniony flavor without being over-powering. Now I LOVE onion rings but what really gets me is when you take a huge bite and the onion slips out of fried batter. Not only is that annoying, but it also hurts when the onion is hot and slaps you on the chin! As my boyfriend says with a weary look, “it is an unforeseen attack especially common at Johnny Rockets.” These onion strings completely avoid that problem. Since they are so skinny, the onion stays right in there so nothing will slide out! Quite miraculous. 

I know the Met is a burger place, but we decided to try other options that the menu had to offer. My dad ordered the chicken club. As you can see, the white chicken breasts were juicy and were surrounded by fresh tomatoes, lettuce and of course, thick slabs of bacon. I usually pester my Dad to ask for his sandwiches without mayo, but it seemed to me that this was a very thin layer so as not to take away from the other flavors in the club.  Overall this seemed like a traditional sandwich turned chic and classy, toasted to perfection and delicious. 

For those of you who know me, you also know that I will ALWAYS order the caprese salad or sandwich if I can. I just love the combination of tomatoes and mozzarella and pesto. It is perfection if done right. This sandwich was even better because it also had fried eggplant. The thin slices of eggplant were crispy and not at all greasy. If that wasn’t enough, the whole thing was sandwiched between two pieces of warm focaccia. I mean just look at that- YUM. People give me a hard time about how much I enjoy a good caprese sandwich but if something works for you, you should stick with it! Perhaps I can convert all of you to my sandwich of choice someday. 

So sometimes you’ll be forced to go to a restaurant that specializes in foods that you aren’t too fond of. As Robert Frost suggests, taking the road less traveled by can often be an advantage. These sandwiches were beautifully made and delicious- and they were from a burger joint! If you’re ever in Boston, the Met is a great place to dine.  There is also a Met Bar in Newton, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston which is actually, according to both my Mom and Dad, a place where singles their age hang out. Watch out for those cougars though. Anyway, this Metropolitan Bar and Grill is a more relaxed atmosphere.  You can sit outside under a big red umbrella if it’s nice out or you can sit at the bar if that’s more to your liking. 

Try out the Met Bar and Grill if you come to Boston, whether your a single looking for a good time, or just someone out for a good burger.  Enjoy!

Bon Eating from Boston,

Also, sorry to plug for myself but I’m currently looking for a summer job, preferably something or anything in the food world. If anyone has any suggestions or leads, please let me know! :)


  1. Bonnie says

    Love the blog! I have to agree with your review of The Met. I've only been to the one in Newton, but I always enjoy whatever I order.

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