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Sayid’s Hummus in Acco

Hey all! Recently I went to a city called Acco about two hours north of Tel Aviv. There I went to the most amazing restaurant called Hummus Sayid. For homework for my journalism class, we had to write about something that excited us during our trip to Acco- obviously this hummus was the most exciting aspect to me. Without further ado, here is my post!

Acre, March 23– Despite the innumerable tables with scores of patrons that line the restaurant, Acre’s Hummus Sayid rings with an uncanny silence; the eaters say nothing as they gulp down heaping bites; for they have a secret: what they are eating is the best hummus on earth.

Tell any Israeli local that you are heading to Acre and they will instantaneously tell you, with great enthusiasm, that you must go to Sayid’s.  The restaurant is unassuming in its demeanor, and yet, it is teeming with guests who flow out in a long streaming line down the stony alley just to wait for a seat. Bus boys are busily clearing tables to make room for the next hungry group, while cooks are slapping heaps of hummus into bowls, topping them with sprinkles of parsley and a sizable glug of thick, fruity olive oil.

Sayid’s doesn’t have a nine-page menu; it doesn’t seem to have a menu at all. The offerings are simple: hummus, masabacha, or a combination of both. To bring everything together, there is a plentiful amount of pita: the best kind, the kind of pita that is hot and toasty on the outside and crepe-like on the inside. Dip this pita in the hummus and everything just melts together. Also use the sliced tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and pickles provided to add an unnecessary, but nevertheless welcomed crunch.

The meal will probably only last a few minutes; soon your bowl will be empty and every last drop of olive oil will be mopped away. Pay. Despite your imminent food coma, you should leave as soon as possible; if you don’t, you will get a stare down by some hungry, and thus impatient patrons who are waiting for your table.

It seems that the best restaurants, the most authentic ones, are sans frill. Instead of wasting energy on flashy art or posh, cushy chairs, all of the attention is paid to the food. Despite the simplistic décor, and the even more simplistic dishes, Sayid’s is able to produce the most delicious hummus and masabacha that I have ever had. This place has not only mastered the art of creating these Mediterranean dips, but it has changed something simple and often taken for granted into the piece de resistance, making Sayid’s a true diamond in the ruff of Acre.

So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed my little news article. If you’re ever in Acco, it is imperative that you go to this place. It is absolutely unbelievable. It’s very hard to describe- the masabacha was by far my favorite. It was creamy and smooth and the chickpeas added this warm texture. I’m getting extremely hungry just thinking about it.

Bon Eating!



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