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Spring Break!–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (8)

Tart from Queen of Tarts

Yes. We’re still on my posts from abroad. When will they end! Soon. (ish).

So my Spring Break trip was one of the greatest weeks of being abroad. We went to Rome for 5 days, Dublin over St. Patty’s day and then to Amsterdam to end our break. As you can imagine, it was incredibly fun. Rome ended up being one of my favorite cities in Italy. It’s a perfect mix of small Italy town life  as well as being a bustling metropolis. I would move there in a heartbeat. I don’t actually think I have pictures of food from Rome, but the food was great. We got sushi which we hadn’t had in 2.5 months. I’m sure many New Yorkers would agree with me when I say that sushi is a main staple of my diet, I missed it desperately while in Florence (not that I was starving or anything!). Other than that…we ate a lot of gelato. And I ate a lotta artichoke! Mmmm carciofi soaked in oil. Yumm.

A flight later we landed in Dublin just in time for St. Patty’s day. It was every bit as fun as you’re imagining. The city was filled with people from all over the world and I think we did our part to meet as many as possible. The days leading up to St. Patty’s we did some touristy-ish things. I think we actually started a walking tour and then quit because we got bored. But when we quit that walking tour we decided to go to Queen of Tarts for lunch.

If you’re in Dublin you’ve got to visit! First off the place is adorable. The facade is bright red and you feel like you’re walking into an intimate tea party. Second off the food is to die for. Best tart I’ve ever had. I got the special that day which was spinach, brie, walnut and honey I think? I can’t remember exactly but it was scrumdiddlYUMcious. I wish I could hop over to Dublin right now for another one. It even came with a cute little salad on the side. Don’t stop at the savory tarts though because they’ve also got sweet tarts and other desserts. We ended up getting the Guinness Chocolate Cake which they only make once a year, over St. Patty’s day. It was fantastic.

Think that’s about it for Dublin…we didn’t do much eating on St.Patty’s day…just filled ourselves up with some good ol’ Irish beer. (no we didn’t see any green beer. think that’s something we made up in the US).

The end of our Spring Break was spent in Amsterdam. Yeaaaah I know, we had a ridiculously awesome break. I think I ate my way through the city. Seriously I didn’t think about the food before we got there but it was so good!

Dutch pancakes, ummmm ask anyone who was with me that weekend–in fact you could probably ask anyone that was in Amsterdam that weekend because they probably saw me eating one or two or eight–I LOVE THEM! When you’re in Amsterdam or Holland, you have to get a dutch pancake. They’re somewhere between a crepe and a normal pancake. They’re a little bit thicker than a crepe and like crispy kinda on the outside. SO GOOD. My favorite was the one I got at the Pancake Bakery which is really close to the Anne Frank House if you’re in the area. I got a raisin and cheese pancake and it was actually the best thing I have ever eaten. I can say that and be true to myself. It was indescribably good. I can’t even try to convey how good it was to you. Kinda like Paula Deen has a “better than sex cake” this pancake was better than sex. We also indulged in quite a few Stroopwafels. I think they sell them other places but Definitely try them in Holland. Random thing about Amsterdam: if you’re going do two things while you’re there–the Van Gogh Museum and rent a bike. The Van Gogh museum is a no brainer, but I absolutely loooooved biking around Amsterdam, it’s one of my fondest memories from abroad.

Sweets in Amsterdam!

So now it’s summer break and I just recapped my spring break! Slowly but surely I’ll get through my posts from abroad…….

Bon Eating,


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  1. THIS LOOKS AMAZING. I miss everything.. the hats, the pancakes, the tarts! Ohhhh the tarts! Most of all I miss YALL! Scrumptious post.

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