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Switzerland–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy! (7)

So I’m not really IN Italy anymore which really makes the title of this blog a lie…but what the hey I wish I was still there anyway so I’ll go with it. Double lie because this post isn’t even about Italy it’s about an entirely different country! Good ol’ Switzerland.

Gotta love the cheese, and the cow paraphernalia everywhere, and the chocolate and the hot extreme sporty men. Good times had all around. My friend Liz and I went in the beginning of February so it was still pretty cold though now I’m sure it’s great summer sporting time there too. I almost didn’t go on the trip and I am SO glad that I did. We went to Interlaken–a tiny little town in Switzerland that a lot of student travel groups take trips to. It was amazing. Other than the night sledding and 4-wheeling illegally on Swiss highways, the food also happened to be a highlight of the trip.

The one tip I got before going to Switzerland: eat Rösti. What is Rösti you ask? Oh only something that was clearly created to cure every hangover/bad mood/any craving for salt you’ve ever had in your life. This wonder dish consists of grated potatoes that are fried, covered in cheese, sprinkled with some herbs and then any other toppings you could possibly think of. My rosti was a sausage, cheese and applesauce rosti…it.was.incredible.

Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite foods is potatoes–and if I’m hungover, potatoes, preferably with grease, is the only thing I want to see besides a glass of ice cold water. Well I wasn’t hungover while eating this…and I’ll stand by my opinion that Rösti is ballin’. So one of my few tips for Switzerland: FEAST on some Rösti.

Another tip: go to a chocolate shop. Don’t just buy the toblerone and Milka choco bars in the airport on the way back, really go to an artisanal chocolate shop and try their specialty truffles.

We did this in the small mountain town of Grindelwald that we visited on a day trip from Interlaken. It’s a really adorable and beautiful town if you are close by. I got three truffles from this place and I wish I had gotten more, they were the three best chocolates I’ve ever eaten in my life. And I’ve eaten a LOT of chocolate.

I ate one before I got a picture..don’t remember the flavor…but these two are white chocolate and strawberry and then a milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla bean marzipan sprinkled with sea salt.

The first one tasted like those weird but great strawberry short cake bars you get from the ice cream man or from your middle school cafeteria–I lovingly refer to them as kitty litter bars because the outside looks like kitty litter. This chocolate=kitty litter ice cream bar, except not cold. Unless you leave it outside in the swiss air for long enough.

The next chocolate–the caramel and vanilla bean marzipan covered with milk chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt–yeah, that one, was the best chocolate I have ever had in my entire life. I still think about it. I still refer to it as the best chocolate I have ever had in my entire life. And I don’t think that’s going to change any time soon. I really think it needs no explaining, the combo of sweet and salty, the vanilla bean marzipan that tasted almost like vanilla bean ice cream, all covered with swiss milk chocolate…… mouth is watering.

Next and last tip for you, or the last one I feel like writing about, eat fondue! And lots of it. Or there’s the age old Raclette–always a good choice–but I only have pictures of one night when we ate fondue. Go ahead and do it right, eat some cheese fondue as an appetizer and have some choco fondue for dessert. The swiss know how to do fondue better than anyone. Perfectly melted cheese with a little hint of the alcohol that has burned off the top, all perfectly warm in the pot they bring it to you in. Delicious. Makes me feel wintery just thinking about it.

I suppose this was a pretty unseasonal post but I have all these pictures that I have been waiting to write about when I had a little free time on my hands. That means there might be a few more unseasonal posts but not too too many. I still got Barcelona, my wine and food weekend in Chianti and Montepulciano andddddd I don’t remember what else. Crazy it seems like I was just in all of these places even though it was months ago. Happy July!

Bon Eating,


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