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Pesto Baked Chicken

Clean Cleanse: Pre-cleanse Recap and Pesto Baked Chicken

For reasons I can’t recall at this moment, I decided I would start this year off with the Clean Cleanse. Yes, I am doing a cleanse that doesn’t involve ONLY eating pasta, pizza and mac n’ cheese. A short summary of the cleanse for those of you who haven’t heard of it: It’s the cleanse Gwyneth Paltrow endorses/mentions on goop all the time It’s essentially an elimination diet: no gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, peanut, corn, nightshade veggies, coffee, booze, and some other common allergens No this is not a juice cleanse You get a shake for breakfast (clean shake packets + other things), a “clean” lunch, and a shake for dinner There are a bunch of other principles all based on easing digestion and helping your body to cleanse itself of toxins that I won’t go into, but if you are interested, read the website (above) Then my start date got pushed to the end of February and here I am: day 3 of the pre-cleanse, on the cusp of beginning the 21 day cleanse …