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Clean Cleanse: Week 2 Recap + Vegetable Lasagna

Yes. You read that correctly. I made a CLEAN lasagna with the help of the clean cleanse blog. Of course I found a way to work pasta into the cleanse, you didn’t think I’d converted completely, did you? But fear not, I didn’t break the cleanse with this lasagna as you will see in the recipe below. Recapping week 2 – this will be much shorter than last week’s as the week continued on much like week 1. This week the temptation for me was more alcohol than food. I had a pretty hard week and I really wanted a glass of wine at the end of the [every]┬áday. However, I resisted. Mostly for fear of shaming myself to everyone at work and all my friends if I broke the cleanse, but still. I also had the strong urge to just pig out on something. You know when you eat way too much pizza, chinese food, ice cream, anything and you feel horrendous afterward but you just couldn’t stop yourself from pigging out? I missed …