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Venice Carnevale–E.V.O.Oh My Gah I’m in Italy (6)!

Carnevale is basically Europe’s Mardi Gras. Lots of drinking, ridiculous costumes and amazing amounts of fun. We chose to spend Carnivale in Venice, one of the major celebration cities in Italy. It was incredible. I have never seen such elaborate costumes and Venice, oh Venice. It feels like you’re walking around a movie set. Absolutely breathtaking. I loved it. We happened to eat pretty well in Venice, don’t get me wrong it’s an overpriced tourist city–well worth it though. But this post is going to be more of a mix of travel info about Venice and food because my experience in Venice was less about the food than it was just about the city itself.

While in Venice, try an Aperol Spritz. It’s made with Prosecco, Aperol Orange Liqueur and soda. They put a blood orange slice in it to made it look pretty and if you wanna get an extra buzz from this already stiff drink, eat the orange slice.


Also you’ve gotta get absinthe–real absinthe. Now it’s legal in the US but it’s not as strong as the stuff they’ve got over here. We got one of the strongest kinds that is 79% alcohol. That’ll leave you spinning for a while if you can stand the taste. I abhor licorice so I had a hard time sucking our sprite & absinthe cocktails down, but if licorice is your thing then expect a painful hangover the next day. (doesn’t the word licorice look funny? no? that’s just me? okay). Traditionally you get the special absinthe spoon, pour a shot of absinthe, rest the spoon over the shot glass with a sugar cube on top. Dip the sugar cube in some absinthe before and then light it on fire. Let it the syrup drip into the absinthe and drink up.



Can’t tell you where we ate, but try and get out of the main piazzas or ask wherever you are staying for recommendations. I had pesto pasta one night near the Accademia and this roast chicken. If I recall they were both very good! Pasta was really fresh. Lord I’m gonna miss Italy.

One day for lunch we went to this little cafe that was really good for being a pretty touristy spot. I got bruschetta and pizza. The bruschetta was great, more Americanized than most bruschetta I’ve had in Italy but oily and delicious. Pizza was good too, big ol’ slices of grilled veggies as you can see.


Fried thingies! Fritelle. They’re like little fried donuts, sometimes salty too. They also have these fried strip things covered in powdered sugar that are great too.

Random Things I remember:

  • Go to the Guggenheim! It was AMAZING. The set up of the gallery, the art there and how it’s situated in Venice are beautiful. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip
  • Go for Carnevale! We heard mixed reviews but I am so glad I got to experience it in Venice. The costumes are so elaborate and the festival in San Marco is really cool
  • Go to Piazza San Marco, duh.
  • Take an overpriced gondola ride. I did it on Valentine’s Day with my friend Liz, yes very cute and it was well worth the price. Once in a life time.
  • Go SOON! Venice is sinking so go see it while you can. It is truly a really special place
  • That’s about it for now. Should be studying for finals…oops! This will most likely be my last post while actually IN Italy because I’m leaving on Friday to return to the states. Sono molto triste. I have had an incredible time here and cannot wait to share more food adventures from my travels when I get home and have ample time to write about them. This semester has been like the best 3.5 months of my life and I am so sad to say goodbye to Firenze, Italy and Europe in general. Things I will miss about Italy? Fresh pasta, the CHEESE, Acqua al due salad sampler, Italians, the euro-clubs, the euro-club techno music, cheap and good vino, coca light skinny cans and sooo much more.

Buon appetito e la prossima volta.



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  2. Liz says

    SO FUN!!! how romantic the gondola ride was and how great that photo of the drink is! I miss Italia! What ever happened to that absinthe? Hm..

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