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Whit’s Tidbits: A Comprehensive Guide to Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt is my jam, ice cream too, but I LOVE fro yo (yeah I’m just that cool, I actually call it that). Luckily most of my friends love this delicious frozen treat as well so I can get my fix with company. For this reason (and because I can’t bake until I’m home tomorrow) I am doing a MEGA frozen yogurt post. It’s summer-ish, it’s hot, and frozen yogurt is perfect for any time of day. So NYCers and beyond read this and have your wallet handy to go out and get your fro yo fix!

In no particular order, here is a smattering of some frozen yogurt/ice cream places I frequent:
Pinkberry: you knew it would be on here. Chances are if you live in New York or LA you have tried this fro yo. The term frozen YOGURT literally describes this chain, it is actually made from yogurt and tastes like it too. Quite simply if you like the way yogurt tastes then you will love pinkberry, if not then you will probably think it tastes like sour milk, as my friend Liz likes to put it. Pinkberry yogurt is healthier than normal ice cream, it has live cultures in it and all that good stuff and their toppings are pretty creative, aside from fresh fruit they have all your favorite childhood sugary cereals: fruit pebbles, captain crunch, etc. They have a few flavors right now and I’m sure they’ll release more in the future, your picks for yogurt include original, green tea, coffee, and pomegranate. My favorite combo? Original flavor with strawberries, raspberries, and chocolate chips.
There are a few other notable chains that follow the Pinkberry style fro yo, including Red Mango (my favorite of this style), Flurt, Yogurt Land, and many many more. If you want this kind of frozen yogurt I would recommend going to Red Mango–the toppings are more fresh and it’s just better.
Sixteen Handles: what could be better than many flavors of self serve fro yo and a cornucopia of amazing toppings? nothing in my mind. I LOVE this yogurt chain, I am sorry to say that I don’t think they are as expanded as Pinkberry and the likes so I don’t know where 16 handles is located other than NYC, but if you are here on vacation or live in the city, you have got to go to this place! This frozen yogurt heaven serves up healthy fro yo options but have more flavors than red mango and pinkberry etc. They have the traditional tart yogurt flavor and a bajillion others, my favorites include Cheesecake, Chocolate, Irish Mint, Vanilla Bean, and a Mango sorbet type flavor. 16 Handles also boasts an impressive array of toppings such as cookie dough pieces, brownie bites, all your favorite sugar cereals, granola, fresh fruit, mochi, reese’s cup pieces, and many more. This place is self serve so feel free to mix many flavors and pile on the toppings high, just as long as you have the money to pay for it, this place you pay by the pound for your frozen yogurt. I love this place, might need to go now.
Stogo: this is one of the newest additions to posh ice cream places, but it serves up organic dairy-free ice cream. I just recently tried this place and I love it. I’m not lactose intolerant but I do drink light vanilla soy milk because it’s nutrition facts are a little friendlier than skim milk and because its vanilla flavored and delicious. Regardless of your dairy preferences, this place is worth checking out. I tried a few of the flavors including peanut butter fudge, oatmeal cookie, and chocolate chip cookie and all of them were amazing! It tastes as good as it looks. Stogo has tons of flavors and they all looked really good, they also serve babycakes cupcakes and cookies (a vegan bakery in NYC). I loved my ice cream I got here and their nutrition stats aren’t too bad either, I will definitely be returning. It also happens to be around the corner from 16 Handles..double fro yo feature anyone?
Mister Softee: just your neighborhood friendly ice cream truck. Simple and delicious. Maybe it’s not as hip as any of the other places I have mentioned, but these trucks have been around forever and for a good reason too. They serve ice cream, dipped cones, popsicles, etc. Find them parked on almost any street in NYC!
GROM: an Italian style gelato place that has 2 locations in NYC right now. I just tried this one out the other night and it is really good. I got a chocolate hazelnut flavor called “Bacio” and it tasted like a spoonful of Nutella–I believe I have made clear I am a big fan of that stuff so I thoroughly enjoyed my cup of gelato. They have lots of flavors that sounded amazing I’m definitely going to have to go again. This place is a little pricey but it’s worth it. They have different flavors every month so be sure and check it out soon if you want to enjoy the “Bacio” flavor!
Other places that I haven’t tried but want to/have heard good things/I have tried but don’t feel like writing a lot about:
Sundaes and Cones: downtown ice cream shop. It’s pretty good but a little overpriced in my opinion.
Daydream Frozen Yogurt: pinkberry style frozen yogurt with cooler toppings. I have walked in here before to check it out. They have home made toppings that look like mixes of pretzels and chocolate and peanut butter yumminess. 
TCBY and Maggie Moo’s: where I go when I’m home to get frozen yogurt or ice cream. I looove that Maggie Moo’s mixes up your toppings into the ice cream, like Coldstone does, but their ice cream actually tastes good.
The Lite Choice: these stores have been popping up in place of Tasti D-Lites everywhere in NYC recently. I HATE Tasti (it tastes like frozen air, seriously I have convinced many people of this, it really does) but I like The Lite Choice. If you don’t like pinkberry style yogurt and you’re more of a soft serve person then this is the place for you. It’s decent, I just prefer yogurt versus soft serve.
TOP PICKS: 16 Handles, Red Mango, and Stogo

My Store Bought Picks:
When I can’t make it out of my room for ice cream, I usually have a few options on hand in my freezer to get my frozen dessert fix…here are my favorites.
Edy’s Slow Churned Light Ice Cream: this stuff is AMAZING! I love all the flavors, especially the special edition Girl Scout cookie ones YUM. It has 1/2 the fat of normal ice cream and it’s still just as rich and creamy as the full fat version so you don’t feel cheated at all.
Ben and Jerry’s: duh, a no brainer. Ben and Jerry are doing a lotta things right, like every single flavor they make. I like their frozen yogurt flavors, especially the Phish Food, because it’s a little bit more diet friendly. Really there isn’t a flavor of B & J’s that I don’t like.
Skinny Cow’s Ice Cream Sandwiches and other stuff they sell: I really like everything made by Skinny Cow. They have less fat than other ice cream sandwiches and popsicles, etc. Their ice cream sandwiches and new French Vanilla Truffle Bars are keepers!

So there it is, my mega guide to frozen yogurt/ice cream. I will be home tomorrow and back to baking, I think I’m having withdrawals. Just as I am arriving home in Nashville, Ariel will be off to Israel. Then we’ll both reunite in New York in June again, oh happy day. Don’t worry, though school is over we will not slack on the blog. We have some fun things planned for the summer and since we will have infinite amounts of time to waste, we will throw ourselves into Nosh and Tell land, get excited! Alright, I’m off to go get some fro yo, are you sick of me using that abbreviation yet?
Bon Eating!


  1. liz says

    SO cute whit! thanks for the shout out- pinkberry does in fact taste like sourness.

  2. ariel Kanter says

    agreed…pinkberry tastes like poop.
    The Lite Choice as well as 16 handles and Yogurtland are the bestest!

  3. Jenny M says

    Grom began in italy first, it was my favorite gelateria when i was abroad. Bacio actually means “kiss” and is the name of a popular candy in italy. The candy is similiar to a hershey’s kiss but 10000 times better becasue it has hazelnut cream on the inside and a whole hazelnut.

    i cant wait to try the NY grom

  4. Whitney says

    Mary: thanks so much for the compliment! I really appreciate it and I always look forward to your blog posts and comments on here!
    Liz: very welcome, how could I mention pinkberry without mentioning your disdain for it haha
    Ariel: I MISS YOU. come back.
    Jenny M: thanks so much for the info! I had no idea it started in Italy but since that is where the best gelato is, I can’t say I’m surprised! Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks to all for the comments!
    Bon Eating

  5. asdfjkl_much says

    haha this blog post made me chuckle (:

    In South Korea, (this is all “supposedly” because i hear this from my friends. Although I don’t live in NYC we have literally 4 stores on one street including Red Mango, Fruits Gelateria, Flurt, and School Zone) Red Mango was first created then Pink Berry followed their idea, but Pink Berry had chains in America first…

    I haven’t checked what wikipedia has said about this… (:

    um, also ! Pinkberry is supposed to use a powder like thing (not sure what if I should say substance or whatnot) to create their froyo while Red Mango uses a liquid based thing for the whole froyo aspect.

    haha so I have gone to South Korea in the summer and tried Red Mango there and WOW. it is shockingly delicious. Much more aesthetically pleasing if possible, and just downright fantasic! Go to South Korea one day for authentic froyo– they’re intense! (:

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